WWI British Infantry Lance Corporal - Tom

DID Corp

WWI British Infantry Lance Corporal - Tom

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Item number : 48919

Reference : B11013

EAN code : 3666793160429

Type : Complete figures

Nationality : Great britain

Period : World War I

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- Super realistic headsculpt
- Body
- Open palms
- Gun holding palms
- WWI British MK1 brodie helmet with inner liner
- WWI British army soldiers uniform 
- WWI British army soldiers trousers
- Grayback shirt
- British army leather jerkin (genuine leather)
- Military cape
- P14 leather belt (genuine leather)
- Shoulder strap (genuine leather) x2
- Mid-sleeve cotton one-piece suit
- Puttees
- Boots (genuine leather)
- WWI British smoke PH HOOD/P helmet with carry bag
- British small box respirator and bag
- WWI British Haversack
- P14 leather ammo pouch x 2 (genuine leather)
- Entrenching tool with carrier (genuine leather)
- 1908 Helve Carrier (genuine leather)
- WWI British army MK VII marching compass with leather case (genuine leather)
- WWI British army canteen with carrier (genuine leather)
- WWI D-shaped mess tin with cover
- WWI British army Orilux trench torch
- DID button hook
- WWI British army flare pistol with 2 cartridges
- WWI 1907 pattern S.M.L.E  bayonet and scabbard with frog(genuine leather)
- Short Magazine Lee–Enfield with clip
- The East Surrey Regiment cap badge 
- WWI British Lance Corporal Badge x2
- Divisional insignia x2
- East Surrey Regiment Shoulder Title x2

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