U.S. Army 1st Brigade - 82nd Airborne Division Paratroopers (Panama 1989-1990)

Soldier Story

U.S. Army 1st Brigade - 82nd Airborne Division Paratroopers (Panama 1989-1990)

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Item number : 16369

Reference : SS089

Type : Complete figures

Nationality : USA

Period : Modern

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- PASGT helmet and liner
- Woodland camo cover
- Woodland BDU scrim
- 82nd Airborne soldier life live head sculpt
- S2.5 BODY
- Bare Hand(1 Pair)
- Bare Feet (1 Pair)
- Woodland camo BDU top
- Woodland camo BDU pants
- OG undershirt
- Jungle boots(1 pair)
- All-Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment (ALICE)
- Y shaped suspenders
- Pistol belt
- Ammo pouch x 2
- Canteen pouch x 2
- Combat field pack
- Entrenching Tool Carrier
- ALICE medium pack
- ALICE frame
- MX-991/ U flashlight
- 1-QT plastic canteen x 2
- M-67 Grenade x 4
- Military carabiner x 2
- Earplugs case
- Earplugs case chain
- M249 MK1 machine gun
- M249 200rd plastic ammo drum x 4
- 5.56 magazine (fit to M249)
- 5.56 bullets belt (link M249 and ammo drum)
- Black padded weapon sling
- MC1-1B Parachute
- Personnel parachute harness
- T-10 Reserve parachute
- H-harness (used to rig ALICE pack to parachute harness)
- Hook-Pile Tape Lowering Line  (used to lower all equipments attached to the parachutist)
- SAW MOD M1950 weapons case
- INSIGNIA PATCH (Embroidered patches , sewed on BDU top)
- Subdued RANGER tab patch
- Subdued AIRBORNE tab patch
- Subdued 82ND Airborne Patch
- Subdued U.S. ARMY patch
- Subdued name tab patch
- Subdued SFC rank patch (collar)
- Subdued air assault badge
- Subdued parachutist badge
- Subdued combat infantry badge
- Subdued drill instructor badge
- Subdued pathfinder badge
- Colored US flag patch (backward)


C van Dommel... le 01/01/2020 Verified buyer
Perfect figure again from Soldier Story, lots of kit , high quality

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