Theodore Wolte - Ernst Kalt

Dragon Action Figure

Theodore Wolte - Ernst Kalt

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Item number : 623

Reference : DRF70237

EAN code : 089195702371

Type : Complete figures

Nationality : Germany

Period : World War II

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Manufacturer's printing error for the name

EASTERN FRONT 1944 - Wehrmacht Pioner



Uniform :
M36 Helmet (Metal)- M36 Field Blouse- Collarless Field Shirt- Collar band- M37 Trousers- Langehosen- Camo Overtrousers (Heer Splinter Patten)- Zeltbahn- Marching Boots.

Equipment : M31 Breadbag - Combat Suspenders ("Y" Straps) - M30 Gas mask - Wehrmacht Equipment Belt w/ belt loops - Engineer Backpack - 3kg Explosive Charge - Wire Cutters - Detonator - 1kg Explosive Charge - Saw (metal) - "Death Head" Flag - S84/98 Bayonet - M31 Mess Kit w/ weathering - Cord for Explosive Charge - Right Hand Belt Pouch - Left Hand Belt Pouch - Saw Pouch - Wire Cutter Pouch - Long Shovel Pouch - "Death Head" Flag Pouch - S84/98 Bayonet Scabbard - Long Shovel - M31 Water Bottle.

Weapons : M24 Stick Grenade (Stielhandgranate 24) - Tellermine 35 (Stahl) - Tellermine 42 Anti-Tank Mine- Luger P.08 w/Holster - Kar98k Rifle.

Insignia : Shoulder Taps (Wehrmacht - Engineer) - Collar Tabs (Wehrmacht - Engineer).

Special : Barbed Wire (Metal)

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