SS-Panzer-Division MG34 Gunner - Curtis

DID Corp

SS-Panzer-Division MG34 Gunner - Curtis

Availability : In stock

Item number : 34113

Reference : D80127

EAN code : 870454004059

Type : Complete figures

Nationality : Germany

Period : World War II

163 € Quantity

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- Super realistic headsculpt
- Body
- Open palms
- Palms for holding gun
- Outfits
- M42 Uniform
- Trousers
- Camo smock
- M35 helmet with inner liner and camo cover
- Grey gloves
- Grey scarf
- Y straps and Belt
- Gaiters
- German Army ankle boots (brown)
- Accessories
- MG34 spare barrel with barrel case
- MG34 Anti-Aircraft tripod mount
- MG34 Anti-Aircraft spider sight
- Gas mask canister
- K98 Mag pouch x2
- Canteen
- Bread bag
- Weapon
- K98 rifle
- K98 bayonet with scabbard and sheath
- Insignia
- Collar tabs x2
- Wound Badge in black
- Sleeve eagle
- Sleeve chevron
- Black cuff title

Stephane l. le 09/11/2019 Verified buyer
Que dire tant les photos sont parlantes? Insister sur la finesse de la modélisation de la tête sculptée, des détails bluffants du Kar98, des proportions observées et de la taille des habits offrant un rendu impeccable confondant de réalisme? Faire part de la satisfaction évidentes que tout passionné éprouvera lors de l'ouverture de la boite? Ou peut être, tout simplement: r.a.s., foncez, merci D.I.D et Machinegun?
R.a.s, foncez, merci D.I.D et Machinegun!
Henrie B. le 05/11/2019 Verified buyer
Did is just great........ kar 98 included with nice gear.....
viaceslav G. le 04/08/2018 Verified buyer
this item is also high quality

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