Series Of Empires - Takeda Shingen A.K.A. Tiger Of Kai (Exclusive Version)

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Series Of Empires - Takeda Shingen A.K.A. Tiger Of Kai (Exclusive Version)

Availability : Sold out

Item number : 37069

Reference : SE040

EAN code : 6971242120624

Type : Complete figures

Nationality : Japan

Period : Middle Ages

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The 1/6th Takeda Shingen Collectible Exclusive Ver. Figure specially features :

- One (1) realistic head sculpture of Shingen
- One (1) action body
- Eight (8) Pieces of Interchangeable Palms
- One (1) blue jubbah (underwear)
- One (1) red kosode (coat)
- One (1) black kakuobi (waist band)
- One (1) pair of black hakama (trousers)
- One (1) pair of bronze tabi (socks) with iron waraji (sandals)
- One (1) gold kabuto (helmet) of white bear hair and lion face front-stand
- One (1) black menoshitabao (mask)
- One (1) suit of white and gold gusoku (armor)
- One (1) gold and red sendannoita (right chest armor)
- One (1) gold kyuubinoita (left chest armor)
- One (1) pair of gold double-layered kote (vambraces)
- One (1) pair of gold haidate (cuishes)
- One (1) pair of gold suneate (jambeaus)
- One (1) gold and blue seno (armor tie)
- One (1) red jinbaori (war vest)
- One (1) katana (long sword)
- One (1) black katana scabbard
- One (1) wakizashi (short sword)
- One (1) black wakizashi scabbard
- One (1) gold dagger
- One (1) dagger scabbard
- One (1) red gunbai (general fan)
- One (1) string of beads
- One (1) black figure stand
- One (1) armor stand?
- One (1) armor box
- One (1) katana sand
- One (1) fan stand
- Four (4) war flags of blue, red, black and gold
- One (1) long flag stand
- One (1) display stage
- One (1) backdrop

Enrico le 27/09/2019

wisst ihr mittlerweile wann ihr das auf Lager habt? Würde es gerne bestellen für ein Geburtstagsgeschenk und daher wäre es sehr gut zu wissen wann es bestellbar ist. Vielen Dank und bitte um kurze Rückmeldung und hatte die beiden anderen neuen angefragt ich hoffe einer der dreien oder am besten alle sind bald zu Kaufen. Freue mich auf Antwort

de l'équipe le 27/09/2019

We don't have more informations than the release date on the product page.

Check our Arrivals, it should be included in the next few ones.

Best regards,

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