NYPD Emergency Service Unit - Tactical Entry Team

Soldier Story

NYPD Emergency Service Unit - Tactical Entry Team

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Item number : 35124

Reference : SS100

Type : Complete figures

Nationality : USA

Period : Modern

149 € Quantity

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- MICH 2000 Helmet (/w US Flag printed at the back)
- ACH 4-point chin straps
- ESS tactical goggles
- ESS ballistic glasses (clear ver.)
- Black balaclava
- NYPD ESU officer cap
- Modern NYPD officer life live head sculpt
- S2.5 BODY
- Bare Hand (1 Pair)
- Bare Feet (1 Pair)
- ESU tactical shirt (long sleeve /w NYPD ESU patches)
- ESU logo blue T-shirt
- ESU tactical pants
- Inner short pants
- Danner tactical boots (sewing / nylon & leather ver.)
- Paraclete RAV tactical armor vest
- Paraclete RAV cummerbund (1 pair)
- Paraclete shoulder armor (1 pair)
- Paraclete groin armor
- Paraclete collar and throat armor
- Paraclete shoulder pad (1 pair)
- Double MP5 9mm molle pouch
- Paraclete double M4 magazine molle pouch
- Paraclete radio molle pouch
- Gerber multi-tools pocket
- Blackhawk admin molle pouch
- Blackhawk utility molle pouch
- North American rescue medic pouch
- NYPD leather double 9mm magazine pouch
- NYPD leather radio pouch (detachable / rotated feature)
- Radio pouch adaptor belt loop
- NYPD handcuffs pouch
- Handcuffs key (metal)
- Handcuffs (metal)
- Tactical belt
- Cable tie x4
- EMT Scissors (blue)
- Carabiner
- Multi- tools
- Combat knee pad (1 pair)
- Retactable Key holder
- Key set
- Leather belt loop keychain
- Female side release buckle belt loop
- D- ring belt loop
- Ball pen (red)
- Expendable baton
- Rotated baton holder
- Blackhawk hallagan tool
- Blackhawk bolt cutter
- Blackhawk thundersledge
- Blackhawk entry tools backpack panel
- Weapon gloved hand (1 pair)
- Suunto watch (yellow)
- Glock19 9mm pistol
- Glock19 9mm magazine x3
- Model 6004 ESU exclusive tactical holster (/w magnetic flap cover)
- MP5A5 9mm sub-machine gun
- Surefire MP5 fore grip tactical light
- Aimpoint comp M4 red dot sight
- MP5 9mm magazine x4
- MP5 3 point sling
- INTRUDER tactical shield (/w LED dual lighting feature)
- AG10 button cell x2
- Motorola SSE5000 radio
- Motorola radio antenna
- Thales speaker mic (/w motorola radio connector)
- Speaker mic earphone
- US flag embroidered velcro patch (subdued) x2
- “POLICE” embroidered velcro patch x2
- O POS NKDA embroidered flag velcro patch
- “NYPD POLICE” embroidered velcro patch
- Exclusive NYPD logo figure stand & name plate

Luke K. le 10/03/2020 Verified buyer
This store scamed me of 150€. I ordered this figure and I never got it. Contacted customer support and after a while they just stopped answering. PayPal couldn’t help me unfortunately.
Never ordering here again.
de l'équipe ... le 11/03/2020
If you choose to ask for a PayPal dispute, we have to discuss on PayPa website only l and we will always follow their process.
nelson F. le 20/02/2020 Verified buyer
thank you very much fast order
Fabio L. le 13/08/2019
Primo ordine per me dall'Italia.
Tempi di consegna con l'opzione più economica circa 6 giorni dall'ordine.
Negozio molto fornito credo il migliore in Europa (pochi hanno tanta disponibilità reale in magazzino). Prodotto molto realistico ben realizzato particolari e dettagli curati in modo maniacale. Ad essere pignolo, le squadre ESU che oltre a funzione tipo swat intervengono anche in caso di incidenti particolari e calamità naturali, mancherebbe il casco blu di protezione da carichi sospesi quello che gli inglesi chiamano Safety Helmet... per il resto tutto perfetto. Farò altri acquisti su questo sito. Fabio

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