Lah Panzegrenadier - Lothar

Dragon Action Figure

Lah Panzegrenadier - Lothar

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Item number : 789

Reference : DRF70229

EAN code : 089195702296

Type : Complete figures

Nationality : Germany

Period : World War II

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LSSAH Panzergrenadier Kampfgruppe Hansen (SS-Panzergrenadier) Ardennes 1944

The Ardennes Offensive of December 1944 was the Third Reich's last major attempt to turn the tide of the Allied advance in Europe. A major part of this surprise attack, the elite 1.SS-Panzer-Division "LAH" was split into four battle groups or "Kampfgruppe" -- to break through the Allied line in a lightning advance, with the ultimate goal for Hitler's forces in the west to split the British and American forces and capture the main supply port of Antwerp.
Lothar Kroh (DRF#70229) represents an SS-Panzergrenadier from "Kampfgruppe Hansen", one of the four LAH battle groups. Outfitted and equipped accurately for a late-war SS armored infantry soldier, Lothar includes several new and exciting features.

Lothar comes complete with the following items;

Uniform :

- M42 Helmet w/ Improved Chinstrap (Die Cast Metal !!!)
- M44 Dot Pattern Drill Jacket (2003 New Pattern)
- Grey Shirt (2003 New Pattern)
- German Belt w/ Functional SS Belt Buckle (2003 New Pattern)
- German Service Boots w/ Moulded Gaiters (2003 New Pattern)
- German Shoulder Tabs Functional (New 2003 Pattern)
- Knit/Cloth Trigger Mittens
- Battle-Worn M44 Pea/Dot Camouflage Jacket
- M43 Trousers
- Neck Scarf
- Ankle Boots with Gaiters

Equipment :

- MP44 Ammo Pouch
- M44 Breadbag
- Waffen SS Belt (2003 New Pattern)
- "Y" Straps
- Wool Knit Gloves
- S84/98 Bayonet (2003 New Pattern)
- S84/98 Bayonet Scabbard
- M31 Mess Kit
- Shovel with Carrier
- M1935 Map Case
- Water Bottle

Weapons :

- MP44 Submachine Gun (2003 New Pattern)

Insignia :

- SS Sleeve Eagle
- Waffen SS Schutze Shoulder Tabs - DETACHABLE!! (2003 New Pattern)

Other :

- Two sets of hands
- Clear Stand
- Cigarette

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