Hasan Malnar

Dragon Action Figure

Hasan Malnar

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Item number : 295

Reference : DRF 70377

EAN code : 089195703774

Type : Complete figures

Period : World War II

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This group was formed in 1943 to rally the world's 350 milion Muslims to the German's side. It was made up of Croatian Muslims and was designated as an SS Mountain division.

Uniform : M43 field blouse and trousers - Italian camou Gebirgsjager windbreaker and camou trousers- lace-up mountain boots - Styrian gaiters - Handschar Fez - M42 Stalhelm.

Equipment : Belt - Y harness - K98 pouches - breadbag 31 - Gebirgsjager water bottle 31 - assault bag - messkit 31  e-tool and carrier - S84/98 bayonet and scabbard - Gas mask carrier.

Weapons : Gewehr 33/40 rifle - Stripper clip ammo (6) - Granatwerfer 36 5 cm mortar - Mortar ammo case - Mortar ammo (9)- Egg grenades (3).

Insignia : 13.SS collar tabs - SS-Gebs shoulder boards - SS sleeve Eagle and Croatian volunteer badge - Gebs badge - Anti-partisan badge - Wound badge - Iron Cross 2nd class ribbon - Iron Cross 1st class medal

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