Gladiator of Rome IV - Verus (Bronze Armor Version)


Gladiator of Rome IV - Verus (Bronze Armor Version)

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Item number : 11326

Reference : ACI16B

Type : Complete figures

Nationality : Italy

Period : Antique

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- Brown Muscular Body 'Bruce 3.0' (over 30 points of articulation, 4 pairs of hands)
- Newly Sculpted Head with great detail (Every piece is professionally hand painted)
- Authentic "Thracian Gladiator's Helmet" w/ feather decoration
- Silver Color w/ red feather
- Foldable armor for shoulder, upper arm, and forearm Bronze Color
- Greaves: Left Leg armor with leather strap Silver Color
- Waist Belt
- Torso Brace
- Leather War Skirt
- Fabric Gladiator Loincloth
- Padded Linen Manica (Battle Worn)
- Sandal
- Gladiator sword is a curved bladed
nicolas BARE... le 17/12/2014 Verified buyer
figurine de qualité et accessoires aussi !!!!!!!!!!!!

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