Elite Troops Of Qin Empire- Terra-Cotta Warriors (Stone Color Version)

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Elite Troops Of Qin Empire- Terra-Cotta Warriors (Stone Color Version)

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Item number : 39098

Reference : CT012-C

Type : Complete figures

Nationality : China

Period : Middle Ages

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Available date : 4th trimester 2020
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Some pictures are not contractual - The actual color is the one on the last picture

In the eleventh century B.C., Zhou Dynastyestablished his country by force and conquered the world. Since the throne canonly be passed on to one son, the other sons and descendants will get fiefs toform dependent countries in Zhou Dynasty. As a result, dozens of countriesemerged. Since then, more than 500 years of war have been waged between thesedependent countries.
In 230 B.C., a leader from a northwestern dependentcountry led an invincible army to overwhelm all the countries. Within tenyears, he swept across the Central Plains, annexed the other countries andended the Warring States Period, creating the first unified country in Chinesehistory: the Qin Empire.
In 1974, Terracotta Warriors and Horsesburst out of the earth, which destroyed six countries, a unified army of riversand mountains. After sleeping in the ground for two thousand years, they wereseen before the world. Today, with 1:6 figures., we have resurrected thismighty military master who made great achievements and laid the foundation forthe first unified country in Chinese history.

- Elaborate headsculpt
- Body armor
- Shaping clothes
- Coat
- Underwears
- Pants
- Socks
- Leg wrappings x2
- Boots
- Pocket
- Canteen
- Waist belt
- Halberd (metal)
- 3 pairs of hands
- Movable body

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