Danmark Regiment Pomerania 1945 - Panzergrenadier Aanders Nygaard

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Danmark Regiment Pomerania 1945 - Panzergrenadier Aanders Nygaard

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Item number : 35

Reference : DRF70381

EAN code : 3666793343693

Type : Complete figures

Nationality : Germany

Period : World War II

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DANMARK Regiment .Panzergrenadier

11 Frw.Pz-GR-Division "NORDLAND"


Uniform :
Waffen SS Fur Hat - M43 Tunic (WSS Close Collar) - Reversible Camo Parka NEW - SS M43 trousers - Bergschuhe Mountain Boots with Puttees.

Equipment :
Kar98k Ammunition Pouch - M44 Breadbag - Waffen-SS Equipment Belt - Combat Suspender ("Y" Straps) - M38 Gas Mask Container - M31 Mess Kit - S84/98 Bayonet Scabbard (Mounted) - M31 Water Bottle with hair.

Weapons :
Kar98k Rifle - Panzerfaust 30 klein.

Insignia :
Cuff Titles - "Nordland" - "Danmark" - "Germania" - "Deutschland" - "Nederland" -  "Langemarck" - "Wallonien" - "Landstorm Nederland" - Waffen SS Sleeve Eagle. WSS National Flags (for various countries) - Collar tabs (for various regiments) - Shoulder Taps (SS-Panzergrenadier) - Cloth Collar Tabs (Danmark SS-Panzergrenadier)

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