Aquilifer Legio IX Hispana - Lucius Duccius Rufinus

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Aquilifer Legio IX Hispana - Lucius Duccius Rufinus

Availability : Sold out

Item number : 8596

Reference : KP0007

EAN code : KP0007

Type : Complete figures

Nationality : Italy

Period : Antique

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- Deluxe Packaging
- New headsculpt
- Helmet - Imperial Gallic Model I (Die Cast - Magnetic Plugs)
- Face Protections (Die Cast)
- Equites Mask for Vexillifer (Die Cast)
- Sword - Gladio (Die Cast)
- Dagger - Pugio (Die Cast)
- Small Shield - Parmula (Plastic)
- Armour - Lorica Hamata - Chain Armour
- Pteruges - Leather vest (Leather)
- Red Cape
- Sandals - Caligae (Leather)
- Trousers - Bracae
- Red Tunic
- Red Scarf - Focale
- Armored Belt - Cingulum Militare (Leather + Details in Die Cast)
- Aquila - Legionary Eagle Standard (Die cast + wood)
- Vexillum - Flag (Die cast + wood)
- Male Lion Skin + Lion Head
- Bonus : Female Lion Skin (lioness), without head for Auxiliary troops
Ingrid BEY le 29/03/2014 Verified buyer
Magnifique figurine comme toujours, richesse des superbes accessoires et détails impressionnants de finesse. Un bémol cependant, l'absence de socle!

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