Agent James (Grey Suit Version)

Wild Toys

Agent James (Grey Suit Version)

Availability : In stock

Item number : 14394

Reference : WT24-A

Type : Complete figures

Nationality : USA

Period : Entertainment

79.9 € Quantity

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- Hand painted Head sculpt
- Painted Medium Built Body-Christian, New version (over 30 points of articulation)
- Grey suit jacket
- Grey suit pants
- White shirt
- Grey checkered tie
- Black dress shoes
- Pistol Beretta 90 two
Keir Ryce le 08/11/2014
Even though the head sculpt is amazing, and paint is awesome the material PVC literally melted the base of the neck, cause the body made from ACI Toys is entirely made in plastic *everyon knows that PVC melts plastic*
Clothes are really well made, shoes come with strings and feel so real.
The figure has as extra accessory merely a beretta, but the gun is again very detailed.
There are extra hands, 3 sets which add more interest to the set.
Sadly the body from ACI Toys is a piece of junk, only knees are double jointed and pose really well. Arms are hard to bend and also single jointed.
More over body comes in different colors: legs are different from knees, torso and chest are different from hips, and also head is different from the color of the body.
This body is also very vulnerable: i've removed the neck peg and so sudden the chest became floppy.
Machine Gun Figures is a great shop, reliable service, very friendly, and also professional. I will surely buy from this shop again.
So Wild Toys head sculpt 5 Stars
Machine Gun Figure shop 5+ Stars
ACI Toy body 3- Stars.

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